Diabetes & Autoimmune diseases

“Never before have we had the technology to measure the biomarkers associated with diabetes, and the evidence to show that blood sugar, blood cholesterol and insulin levels improve with a whole foods, plant-based diet than with any other treatment. Intervention studies show that Type 2 diabetics treated with a whole foods, plant-based diet may reverse their disease and go off their medications. A broad range of international studies shows that Type 1 diabetes, a serious autoimmune disease, is related to cow’s milk consumption and premature weaning. We now know how our autoimmune system can attack our own bodies through a process of molecular mimicry induced by animal proteins that find their way into our bloodstream. We also have tantalizing evidence linking multiple sclerosis with animal food consumption, and especially dairy consumption. Dietary intervention studies have shown that diet can help slow, and perhaps even halt, multiple sclerosis. We now have a deep and broad range of evidence showing that a whole foods, plant-based diet is best for diabetes and autoimmune diseases.”

The China Study (p349)
Professor T. Colin Campbell